• It's Ada's turn! Check out the Separate Ways playthrough of RE4 HD now!

  • After a hiatus, the Final Fantasy X HD playthrough is back! Get caught up here!

  • He's BAAACK! Check out DSP's Fulgore gameplay in Killer Instinct!

  • The PS4 Giveaway ends April 21st! Watch this to find out how to enter!!!

  • The main campaign playthrough of RE4 HD is now complete! Click here to check it out!

  • DSP visits his feral side in the Wolf Among Us Episode 3, now live!

  • Watch the update on the Seattle House-Hunting! Did Phil find something good???

  • DSP's Annual April Fools Day Special is now LIVE on DSPGaming! OOO BOY!

  • Get ready for hilarity! The Wrestlemania XXX Sim Matches are LIVE ON DSPGaming!!

  • PREPARE TO DIE! Watch the epicly suspenseful Dark Souls II playthrough NOW!

  • DSP's shows off his bad side in the inFAMOUS: Second Son EVIL playthrough, now LIVE!

  • Watch DSP Tear Up South Park in the Stick of Truth, now playing on DSPGaming!

Friday April 18th 2014:

Elder Scrolls Friday: Oblivion - Starts 2-3pmEST (Check Twitter)

Final Fantasy X HD - 8:30pm EST

April 18th 2014

On DSPGaming: (All Times EST)

RE4 HD Assignment Ada - 3:00pm

Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion - 7:30pm

Final Fantasy X HD - 11:30pm


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