• FINALLY after months of training, I let loose with my best characters in USF4! Find out how it went here!

  • Our 1st 2 new islanders join the cast of Tomodachi Life this week! Wait...they're both nemeses of mine?!!? FIND OUT!

  • I had a TON of fun playting the Super Smash Bros. 3DS Demo! Check it out!

  • The spiritual successor to Megaman is here! Don't miss my Mighty No. 9 beta runthrough!

  • Destiny is finally here, and I did a full co-op playthrough of the story with viewers!

  • It's my first attempt at a serious simulation game in the Sims 4! Check out my custom-made male AND female sims!

  • Return to days past as DSP RETURNS to the world of Phoenix Wright in this epic crossover event on the 3DS! It's his first handheld playthrough and Voice-acted by Phil himself!

  • The sequel to last year's JRPG hit is here! IT's Tales of Xillia 2!

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Tuesday September 16 2014

On DSPGaming:

Naruto Ultimate Whatever-Its-Called - 7:30pm EDT
Prof. Layton vs. Phoenix Wright - 11:30pm EDT


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Tuesday September 16th 2014

Naruto Ultimate Ninja Whatever-It's-Called - 3pm EDT
Prof. Layton vs. Phoenix Wright - 9-9:30pm EDT

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